All our Magicians can entertain you and your guests at various times during the day;

Post Ceremony Drinks Reception

As soon as the ceremony is finished, the Happy Couple go and have the all important photos taken and can be gone for an hour or longer. This leaves the two families, who have often not met before, to mingle during drinks and canapés. This is a great time to have one of our magicians circulating and doing mix and mingle magic. This will involve guests in each trick and create wonder, amazement and laughs as well as a natural talking point to “break the ice” for the two families.


Wedding Breakfast

Our Magicians will circulate the room and do all the tables during the wedding breakfast. This involves a few tricks at each table that will again involve guests at each table. This is done around the meal and between courses, so the guests can enjoy their sumptuous meal. This will also involve the Top Table tricks where the Happy Couple have their own special tricks


Post Wedding Breakfast

After the Wedding Breakfast is finished, there is a natural “lull” period prior to the evening festivities. This is a great time to have our Magicians circulate and prevent the guests from becoming bored.


Evening Reception

Get the night off to a fun packed and amazing start as our Magicians circulate the room performing for both the day and evening guests


No two weddings are the same, and Midland Wedding Magicians are keen to fit in with YOUR plans. Please speak to us for a no obligation chat about what time right work best for you, and take advantage of our expertise in the Wedding Industry. We perform at over 100 weddings a year, so may have some ideas that you haven’t thought of.